Pernat - Your P.O.C For The Project

Pernat System Engineering and Project Management

Pernat - Your P.O.C For the Project
  Project Management
  System Engineering
  Business Development
  Management and integration
  Preparation of operational concept documents (Concept)
  Assimilation (Literature/documentation and Training
  Preparation of specification documents operational / operative / technological / instructional
  Written tenders and contract documents
  Preparing a contract document (proposal) / tenders documents
  Operation, maintenance, maintenance, service and warranty
  Defense system and border security
  Multi-Sensor System
  Tunnels Tolling Command and control center
  Upgrading and construction of command and control center
  Public transport Command and control center layout
  Safe City Technological array Planning and Establishment
  Management, planning and preparing an operation BOT response of the Israeli police training center
  Management and establishing of a technology and Security layout
  Management, planning and preparing a BOT operation response for section 3 and 7 of highway 6 in Israel
  Management, design, construction, integration of the network of branches (10 branches) nationwide (Kiryat Shmona to Eilat) to perform theory test of the Ministry of Transport for a "Ankori" (concessionaire)
  Management, tender preparation and supervising the construction of a parking control system for heavy vehicles (trucks)
  Preparation of tender documents to universities according the mandatory Tender Laws
  Preparation of operational solutions, technological and economic (business plan and financial model) for public transport operator
  Planning a sustainable public transport layout
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          PERNAT System Engineering and Projects Management – Company Profile


"PERNAT" system engineering and project management is a manager, planner, system engineer, constructor, integrator, tester, implementer and operator of civil and defense projects in the following areas:


  1. Command and control systems, monitoring and control systems, management and information systems, maintenance and control of operations centers.
  2. Transportation systems (traffic light control, parking control systems, law enforcement systems, electronic signage, fleet management systems, toll systems, billing systems, ITS, other) and transportation command and control facilities .
  3. Homeland Security (HLS), perimeter protection systems, security systems and unmanned systems.
  4. ICT systems and technologies. (communication, computing, low voltage systems, command and control systems, monitoring and control systems, information management systems, multimedia systems, facility control systems, telephony, electronic signs, guidance tools, etc.)
  5. Training systems and simulators (operational / weapons, tactical and systemic).


The project management framework provided by "PERNAT" includes integration of management services, preparing a work program and timetable for the project, setting work's content and SOW (Scope of work), running teams of professional workers and engineers, procurement, installation and assembly, tests, assimilation (documentation and training) up to the point of delivery and operation (including on site escorts teams) and then provides support during service and maintenance.


As a part of system engineering (with an emphasis on the characterization of the system), "PERNAT" provides operational and technology consulting services, before and during the development process; provides, needs assessment and requirements, process analysis, preparation of technological, logistical and operational concept, characterization principle (High Level) definition of requirements, and a detailed characterization and definition of requirements (Low Level) to the level of design for development approval (including guidance during the development process and testing).


As a part of the operating phase, "PERNAT" provides a full solution from end to end for all management, logistics, operations, maintenance and servicing requirement issues, including the preparation and management of the work plan / operation, and provides a full solution for, manpower, logistic activities, subcontractors, operations and training, maintenance and servicing (Construction, electrical, communications, computing, other), according to the needs and requirements.


"PERNAT" Company operates as a part of the client’s staff and not as a consulting team level – full time participation. We participate or act on behalf of the client (Point Of Contact) in each required activity of system engineering and project management on a daily basis, from phase of concept and strategy formulation, through the preparation of median surveys and development to implementation, assimilation all the way to the operation and maintenance phase. Our activities and professional services can be from only advice in certain areas, and to management, integration and overall responsibility for the project (Turn Key Project).






          Main Services and Areas of Expertise

  1. Management and integration - setting goals, preparing a work plan / implementation plan / application plan (schedule, tasks and milestones), defining and preparing a SOW, management and systems integration, organizing the project team and subcontractors / suppliers / manufacturers, monitoring tasks, task execution versus task planning, preparing and managing the Gantt chart, holding meetings, reporting (management and client) and preparing management surveys.
  2. Preparation of operational concept documents (Concept) - Operational concept formation (preparation of documents, presentations, means of illustration / video, etc.). This includes formulating process, method and forms of work, writing procedures, the set up of roles, powers and responsibilities, the set up of systems and more.
  3. Assimilation (Literature / documentation and Training) - Formulating an assimilation plan, managing assimilation, defining products (literature, training, training methods, etc.), preparing products for assimilation and actualy executing the assimilation (writing literature, preparation of guidance, training operations, (On The Job Training).
  4. Preparation of specification documents operational / operative / technological / instructional - Preparation of documentation for the needs and requirements (including, problems, gaps, and demands that are necessary to include). Performance analysis and roles occupations defining (including organizational structure), and work process analysis and definition. Analysis and setting operating modes, and writing operative / operational (ORS) defining documents. Functionality definition, ergonomics concept formation (HMI), and defining the system’s screens (including preparation and setting a GUI). Writing procedures and methods of operation (application, views, operating position, means of operation and control, preparing a program for a room / center / facility). In addition, to support the development team (including operational testing until delivery is in accordance with customer needs and requirements.)




  1. Written tenders and contract documents - preparing a request for proposal document (RFP), a content /scope of work document (SOW) and technical characterization. Preparing project and activities cost assessment and estimates, review of the provided bids, weighted by technical and financial predetermined requirements.
  2. Preparing a contract document (proposal) / tenders documents - Manage, coordinate and lead the response writing team (management, content expertise, technical writing, financial model, business plan and professional guidance) and / or quality testing response performance by a"Red" team.


  1. Operation, maintenance, service and warranty - Operate facilities / offices / operational and logistical centers using trained manpower, operationally and technically, while addressing and providing full service for maintenance of construction, electrical, air conditioning, communications, computing, and more. Operating subcontractors for cleaning, gardening, security, transportation, and more. Operating a call center for providing information services, remote technical support and operation of technical teams in the field.
  2. Initiate - Identifying the relevant project for the company's customers, assessing the suitability of the project for the client’s and / or partners activity. If the project is depending on a tender process, PERNAT performs the management, concentration and transport of the Tender response writing team (management, content expertise, technical writing, financial model and business plan and professional guidance) and / or uses the performance testing quality control team for it.





Pernat System Engineering and Project Management

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